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We are a building a Technology Platform that helps indie developers make world class Games

Peter Drucker had a very strict definition of an Entrepreneur. In his words.

A true entrepreneur is one who creates wealth where it did not exist earlier by creating a new market and a new customer.

They create something new, something different, they change and transmute values; and, on size and scale that will impact society.

I pick that last sentence out since it says that for a true and great entrepreneurial venture must impact society for the better; it must focus on an unexplored area and must benefit as many people and as large a geography as possible.

While as a company JUNE has benefited from many transformations in the business and workplace with changes in the way apps are built and distributed.

June itself has not contributed towards this large scale transformation of Society.

Today we change all that

Last Year, when Charlie passed away, I wrote the following lines on his obituary.

Charlie departs to teach us about Loss. His Loss reminds us about how short our existence in this Life is. Don't waste your time thinking of ugly Politics, fragmented Religions or stress about the Economy. Instead be the person that Charlie thought all of us were as he waited patiently at that door for us to get back to June. Make the Lives of the People around you Brighter, Love Unconditionally and don’t waste time being afraid of Tomorrow. Be Charlie to everyone.

Today we announce our next step of the "Not being afraid of tomorrow" Plan.

We are building the Indus Engine to help indigenous developers deliver world class experiences that delight players all over the world without the demands of expensive hardware.

Our first game on the engine delivers 60 fps on any device purchased in 2021.

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Nov 25. 2020.